Translated from Russian.


MARRIAGE certificate

Wiering Adrianus Gregorius Johannes

born on November 11, 1965, Nibbixwoud?
and SANOTSKAJA Olga Igorevna        
born on November 7, 1970, Moscow,

were married, which was recorded by virtue of the Law
on January 18, 1992    

at the Palace of Weddings, Administration of Registry Offices

of Moscow.

After the marriage the spouses assumed the surnames:

Husband:  WIERING


Issue date: 18th January 1992

Officer of Vital Records        signature

Seal of the authority          No 022530


This document was legalized at the Consular Department

of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR

on 22nd January 1992


Official of the Consular Department
No 572/1464

Seal: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR

Consular department No 4


Trans1ated by Saraeva T.M.